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Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent
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Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent: is a survival horror[1] online game via frictional video games,[2] launched in 2010 for microsoft windows, mac os x and linux running structures, in 2016 for the playstation four platform and in 2018 for the xbox one. the game functions a protagonist named daniel exploring a darkish and foreboding fortress, whilst seeking to hold his sanity via heading off monsters and other terrifying obstructions.[3] the sport became critically nicely obtained, earning awards from the impartial games competition and severa effective evaluations

In the beginning released independently thru on line distribution, the game has given that been posted in retail with the aid of 1c company in russia and japan europe, in addition to thq in north the us.[5][6][7] a group of five quick tales set in the world of amnesia, written through mikael hedberg and illustrated through the sport’s idea artists, was also made to be had.[8] in addition, the game’s soundtrack is to be had for buy and a free content material enlargement justine has been launched, as well as many fan-made expansions and testimonies for its particular “custom tale” gamemode.[9] the amnesia collection – which includes the dark descent, its amnesia: justine enlargement and the sequel, a gadget for pigs – changed into launched for playstation 4 on 22 november 2016, and for xbox one on 28 september 2018.


In a similar vein to the developer frictional games’ preceding games, amnesia is an adventure sport performed from a primary-character attitude. the sport keeps the bodily item interplay used within the penumbra series, allowing for physics-primarily based puzzles and interactions such as beginning doors and fixing equipment.[3] few in-game items are operated through toggle; to open a door, as an example, the participant need to maintain down a mouse button after which push (or pull) the mouse. this gives the player stealth, letting them peek out a barely-opened door or open it slowly to sneak away, but additionally adds to the participant’s sense of helplessness, as it’s miles now entirely feasible to try to push open a “pull” door at the same time as chance strategies from behind.

Similarly to a health indicator, daniel’s sanity ought to be controlled, focused around an “scared of darkness” mechanic. in step with clothier thomas grip, “the idea became basically that the darkness itself have to be an enemy.”[10] along side being in darkness too lengthy, witnessing unsettling occasions, or staring at monsters will reduce daniel’s sanity, causing visible and auditory hallucinations and drawing the attention of monsters. mild assets assist repair sanity, and if none are to be had, daniel may additionally use tinderboxes to ignite candles in wall sconces and candelabra, or set up an oil-burning lantern located close to the start of the game. however, the number of tinderboxes and the quantity of oil available are each restricted, and standing in a light source also makes the player more major to monsters. the player ought to stability the quantity of time daniel spends in mild and shadow. sanity is absolutely restored once daniel completes an objective or progresses the sport’s story. it could also be restored by way of staying inside the shadows till daniel passes out, however this leaves him extraordinarily susceptible to any nearby monsters.

If a monster spots daniel, it will chase him till he’s out of sight. if noticed, daniel should flee, as amnesia does no longer provide the participant get right of entry to to guns. daniel should discover hiding locations or barricade doorways with rocks, chairs and different barriers; however, monsters are capable of tearing down doorways in their direction and kicking barriers out of the manner, and move extraordinarily rapid after they have noticed their prey. gamers can also choose to cover daniel inside the shadows, at value to sanity. monsters who lose sight of daniel will look for him for a time, however will subsequently leave and vanish. gamers also can pick, preferably while being chased, to choose up an object and throw it to the monster, briefly lovely the monster for about seconds and giving daniel some greater distance.

Amnesia The Dark Descent


In past due august 1839, daniel, a young guy from london, awakens inside the darkish and empty halls of the prussian brennenburg fort with little to no reminiscence about himself or his beyond.[2] all he can take into account is his name, that he lives in mayfair and that some thing is searching him.[11][12] he has a note written to himself, which informs him that he has intentionally erased his very own reminiscence and is being hunted by means of a “shadow”, and instructs him to descend into the inner sanctum of the fortress a good way to locate and kill its baron, alexander. as he makes his way through the fort, daniel progressively learns both about its mysteries and approximately his own past, thru notes and diaries he unearths in addition to thru unexpected flashbacks and visions. he additionally unearths himself followed with the aid of an unearthly presence – the shadow – manifesting itself thru fleshy, acidic growths spreading via the fort, and encounters terrifying human beings-became-monsters known as “gatherers” from whom he should conceal or flee.

At some stage in the game, daniel collects his very own diaries which screen that during can also, he had long gone on an archaeological day trip with a professor herbert, who sought to excavate the tomb of tin hinan, buried within the algerian desert. separated from his guys within the tomb, daniel observed a mystical orb and felt it calling to him, getting into a trance while he held it. afterwards, herbert despatched him again to london to recover and he brought the orb with him. engrossed in its different-worldly best, he consulted books and knowledgeable men approximately the orb’s nature, locating that others were recognized to exist, and wrote letters to humans from herbert’s address ebook. he commenced to be plagued by way of nightmares, and observed that herbert’s excursion has disappeared and the men he had currently consulted have suffered horrible deaths. feeling determined and hunted, he determined to just accept the invitation of alexander, who had responded to his letter by means of supplying him protection at brennenburg. after his arrival, the baron advised him that he is being observed through the orb’s “shadow” or “dad or mum”, so one can kill whatever in its path to reclaim the orb, and that he ought to use the orb’s power to combat returned. deep in the fort, he told daniel in rituals supposedly helping at least temporarily banish the shadow, which blanketed the killing and torture of imprisoned humans, supposedly criminals. when they kidnapped the kids of a farmer for what alexander stated would be the final banishment ritual, and daniel killed one of the women as she tried to escape, he lost faith in alexander, who left him for dead and descended into the inner sanctum on my own with the orb. broken, he determined to kill alexander in revenge for making him a monster. he wiped his memory with an “amnesia” potion, as a result setting up the activities of the begin of the sport.

It’s miles discovered that alexander isn’t human, however as a substitute a being from another measurement who arrived on earth several centuries ago, establishing himself in brennenburg beneath the guise of a baron and constantly prolonging his life with “vitae”, a substance harvested from tortured people, whom he has been hunting for this motive. he has been looking for a way to use an orb to return to his size, and now wishes to do that as quickly as possible on the grounds that he fears that other nobles no longer accept as true with him. as daniel nears the internal sanctum, he encounters heinrich cornelius agrippa, a man who had as soon as studied the orbs with his pupil johann weyer and has since been saved alive and imprisoned through alexander. he tells daniel that weyer has been able to harness the strength of the orbs to tour between dimensions, which alexander is making ready to do right now, and instructs him in finding the pieces of what used to be his own orb, which is needed to breach the internal sanctum. agrippa additionally asks daniel to take with him his head, which can be severed alive the usage of a tonic invented via weyer, and throw it into the inter-dimensional portal after alexander opens it. as soon as daniel enters the inner sanctum, there are three viable endings: he can let alexander prevail, then be killed with the aid of the shadow and descend into darkness, at the same time as alexander tells him his sacrifice might be forever celebrated; he can save you the portal from establishing, then go away the citadel content material along with his redemption after the shadow kills simplest alexander; or he can throw agrippa’s head into the portal, which leaves the shadow to kill both alexander and daniel, although agrippa guarantees to shop daniel from descending into darkness, calling upon weyer to help him.

Amnesia: Justine downloadable content

The player takes control of an unnamed woman character, who awakens with amnesia in a dungeon mobile, accompanied most effective by way of a phonograph. this phonograph incorporates a recording by a girl named justine, who tells the player character that she is the challenge of a mental test. the participant man or woman is then allowed to get away, or die trying.

The participant person is offered with several puzzles to solve. in every, she has the choice of absolutely forsaking the puzzle and on foot away, however doing so will cause an innocent victim contained inside (a doctor, a clergyman and a policeman) to die. she is likewise stalked through the suitors, three immense characters whom justine (via additional phonographs) exhibits to be her personal former paramours, now twisted with the aid of bodily and psychological torture. the participant person may additionally accumulate notes scattered during the checking out environs, which provide extra heritage data at the suitors and justine herself.

The sport’s genuine ending relies upon on how many puzzles the participant has selected to remedy, and as a consequence what number of sufferers survived. but, they all proceed alongside kind of the same strains: after surviving the puzzle sections, the anonymous female discovers a phonograph dangling from the ceiling, which causes the walls of the chamber to begin transferring inward as even though to squash the protagonist. she passes out, but awakens unharmed and begins to congratulate herself. the protagonist is justine, who staged the whole test to see if she nonetheless had any compassion for humanity within herself. armed together with her new-determined information, she actions ahead into the finishing collection, wherein any surviving sufferers thank her (now not understanding she does no longer intend to unfastened them now that her memory is restored) and, if none were saved, the suitors, trapped, shout threats upon her; it’s also viable to alternate justine’s very last strains if a hidden file is observed within the library. then she is going upstairs returned to her residence to put together herself to wait her visitors for an coming near near celebration.

Amnesia The Dark Descent


Paintings commenced on the game even as penumbra: requiem changed into nonetheless being developed, with the employer working on each projects at the equal time.[13] the game changed into first regarded below running titles: unknown and lux tenebras. it changed into now not till 13 november 2009 that it became announced as its modern-day name, amnesia, with the discharge of the game’s website and a game trailer.[14][15] initial designs of the sport numerous significantly from the very last game, with the developers inquisitive about reintroducing extra fight elements similar to those applied of their first business name penumbra: overture. the builders quickly observed that they encountered the various same problems and problems that plagued the combat in that game but, and the design became in addition modified to be greater just like the style set out through overture’s sequel penumbra: black plague.[16]

On five february 2010 it became introduced that the sport had reached the alpha degree of improvement on all structures. weeks later the builders launched a brand new teaser trailer that confirmed actual recreation-play footage, and the developers started accepting pre-orders for the game through their website. also discovered changed into that the sport changed into at that point being examined on all three meant platforms. it became additionally announced that the sport would be launched concurrently for they all in august 2010.[20][21] this changed into later rescheduled, and the game become then predicted to have an 8 september 2010 release.[22] it changed into then later introduced on 27 august 2010 that the sport had formally long past gold and would soon be geared up to sold.[23] on 3 september, the games demo turned into released containing selected components of the gameplay and tale. it changed into then successfully launched on eight september 2010.[24]

If the sport reached 2000 pre-orders through 31 might also 2010, frictional promised it would release greater content for the sport. the goal turned into sooner or later met in early may also, after the pre-orders have been offered at a reduction made to be had till 31 may. this changed into done because of the success of penumbra: overture as part of the primary humble indie bundle.[25] the greater content became found out to be observation,[26] and they explained within the feedback segment of the equal web page that its supposed function become just like that of valve organization’s statement gadget that began inside the half of-life 2 series.[27] the authors cite “soul made flesh” by way of carl zimmer and older horror films consisting of the haunting as being inspirations for the mood and style of the sport.[28] different critics have drawn parallels among the game’s tale and the writings of h. p. lovecraft.[29]

Thomas grip, one of the video games foremost developers, would later write up a post-mortem of the game titled “the terrifying story of amnesia” for the escapist, wherein he mentioned in element the system of the sport’s improvement, typically focusing on its ever-changing design and the monetary issues that plagued the developers for maximum of the sport’s improvement.[10]

A ps4 version – amnesia collection – became released on 22 november 2016 via ps network; this name includes the darkish descent, its growth amnesia: justine, and the sequel amnesia: a system for pigs.[30]

just days after its release on ps4 frictional games published a tweet pointing out that the port controlled to recoup all costs and “more”.

Amnesia The Dark Descent


Amnesia: the darkish descent has acquired crucial acclaim with steady praise given for the ominous ecosystem and horror factors: “through strongly specializing in imaginative and prescient and hearing, the gap between participant and game is notably faded. that is technically bolstered via the game’s minimal coping with.”[47] john walker of rock, paper, shotgun even went as some distance as to say that “i think it is safe to say that amnesia is the maximum efficaciously horrifying game to were made.”[48] x-play delivered amnesia to its top ten pc video games announcing “there are a whole lot of so-referred to as “horror” video games available, this one is no joke. you’ll be rocking back and forth and crying very quickly”.[citation needed]

Frictional games did show a few trepidation over the game’s preliminary sales after the first week,[49] but had been encouraged by endured income all through the first month after the sport’s launch, with frictional recouping all of the expenses from creating amnesia via early october 2010.[50] by way of the beginning of january 2011 the developer mentioned that almost 2 hundred,000 gadgets have been bought, putting forward in reaction that “with these figures at hand, we should confess that it gives us new self assurance for the pc.”[51] the sport stored gaining income and in july 2011 it had bought almost 350,000 gadgets.[52] on the 2011 impartial games pageant amnesia won awards for both “excellence in audio” and “technical excellence” in conjunction with the “direct2drive imaginative and prescient award” which protected a $10,000 prize.[4]

A year after the unique launch of amnesia, the builders discovered that they had offered around 391,102 gadgets and were persevering with to promote about 6000 devices in line with month. they also launched details about how a great deal cash every platform generated for them by reading the income from their online save, with 70% of sales coming from home windows users and 15% coming from users of linux and another 15% coming from customers of mac os x. frictional did but notice that their save was the handiest region every body may want to purchase the linux version of the sport, while the mac os x and windows versions could be purchased from other sources, which means that the total percent of linux income is surely considerably smaller compared to other platforms taken collectively. gazing that their own mac os x income did no longer move down from their personal store while services like steam picked up the sport for that platform, that means that it did no longer steal customers from their shop but rather spread out a new marketplace, they decided this makes an amazing incentive for different shops to guide linux as well.[53] as of september 2012, the game sits at an estimated 1.four million sales.[54]

In 2011, adventure gamers named amnesia the thirty fourth-quality journey sport ever released.[55] in 2015, kotaku at the beginning ranked amnesia as the second first-class horror sport of all time, beaten handiest with the aid of p.t., but moved it to 1st after p.t. changed into removed via konami.[56] in 2017, gamesradar+ ranked amnesia because the 3rd nice horror recreation of all time, despite the fact that in a revised listing in 2018, moved the game down to thirteenth location.[57] in 2018, the a.v. membership ranked amnesia as the seventh greatest horror game of all time in a listing of 35.

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